This is a quick post to get you excited about the Virtual 2020 Sjogren’s National Patient Conference! I’m excited to emcee and present and I hope to “see” you there!

If you are a member of the Sjogren’s Foundation, you already know that the 2020 National Patient Conference was rescheduled for June 26-27th from April. And you also know that the conference has now become a VIRTUAL conference! This is an amazing opportunity for all Sjogren’s patients to receive updated and new information about Sjogren’s. This is also an opportunity for non-members to learn as much as you can about Sjogren’s.

Although I am very sad to miss the LIVE conference, I think it is pretty amazing that the Foundation has created a new way for patients to congregate and get as much information as we can about our disease. It’s also a great way to get ideas on how to live a better life with our disease. Although it is truly inspiring to be in a room with 450 other people who know exactly what it’s like to live with Sjogren’s, I might be even more excited that many more patients can attend a virtual conference.

2020 Sjogren’s National Patient Conference Agenda

If you have never been to a conference, then this is a special time to gain greater knowledge about Sjogren’s. The live conference requires travel and hotel stays. However, a virtual experience allows you to sit and watch in the comfort of your home. The line-up of speakers is always special and this year is no exception. The Foundation has its pick of the top physicians and researchers who all give their time to the Foundation at no charge. Here is this year’s line-up. You can also download this document for reference.  Of course, as Chair of the Board, you see my name as emcee and I will also give a presentation on how a certified life coach may help you live a better life.  Another Board member, Susan Barajas, will give the Product Showcase presentation (always a favorite). And a former Board Member, Kathy Sivils, will give a presentation on current research for Sjogren’s. Kathy is considered one of the top researchers in the world on Sjogren’s so this will be an incredibly informative talk. As will all the presentations from our physicians!

Every conference, we have sponsors that present products that they feel will help us live more comfortably. This is also a big hit with patients because we have the opportunity to see what might be new on the market. This year, the Foundation will present the sponsors virtually, so we will still have a chance to see new (or new to us) products.

Sjogren’s Conference Registration

Here is the really great news: the Virtual Conference is $60 for members and $80 for non-members. To register, go here. It will be exciting to see how this virtual conference works for us. And then determine how best to create a new conference next year!.

Past Conference Speeches Available

Do you know that you can purchase presentations from previous conferences? There are sessions available on the website. Here is the specific section of the site, or just go to SHOP and select books, CDs, etc.

Finally, I just can’t say enough about how hard the Foundation is working for us. They have really out-performed themselves this year and if I’m just so proud. If you missed my last post on how much the Fo9undation has accomplished this fiscal year, take a look at my last post about our Spring Board Meeting!

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