Rheumatic Disease Report Card: America’s Failing Grade

Rheumatic Disease Report Card: America’s Failing Grade

The American College of Rheumatology (ACR) has created an organization called Simple Tasks in order to help us live well. Last month, they released the 2018 Rheumatic Disease Report Card. As Chair of the Board of the Sjogren’s Foundation, I’m fairly knowledgable about rheumatic diseases and the status of healthcare, but even I was shocked at how poorly US States faired in this report.

“Living Well” is the battle cry of chronically ill patients, as in  I am Living Well with Sjogren’s Disease (or I want to Live Well with Sjogren’s). Living well is our greatest hope and our goal.  It is also the directive from the non-ill people in our lives: our family, our friends, our disease associations and our doctors.  After reviewing this report, I really have to ask:

How the hell are we supposed to live well when even the ACR gives America an overall C grade on disease care and an F on affordability? Subpar care cannot support a well-lived life!

No wonder we struggle!


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