I am so proud to lend my story for this major US news article! The Sjogrens Foundation was able to attract the attention of the Health and Wellness Editor and get Sjogrens in US News & World Report!

The name of the article is Sjogren’s Syndrome: The Most Common Autoimmune Condition You’ve Never Heard Of  by Anna Miller of US News & World Report.

Sjogrens in US News & World Report

Anna did a wonderful job representing my story and listing the key symptoms of our disease. She also was able to pack in great quotes from our doctors, bringing light to that fact that even physicians aren’t well-trained in our disease.

My favorite quote (of mine) that Anna captured is when I told her about the invisible line we navigate daily:

“Over the years, you learn where your boundary is,” she says. “If you don’t push up to that line, you leave a little bit of your life unlived, but if you push over it too often, you also leave it unlived because you’re in bed.”

Are you a new reader to this blog via the US News & Word Report article? You may be interested in reading about the emotional stages patients navigate by reading my post on the 10 Stages of Autoimmune Grief and Life.

Thank you to the Sjogrens Foundation for allowing me to be on the Board of Directors and to act as a patient spokesperson for our community.  I try my best to represent us all so we can get the care we need and the attention the disease deserves.

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