If you have not yet heard the news, I am now the new President and CEO of the Sjogren’s Foundation. I am honored to be selected by the Board of Directors to lead this amazing organization. As Steve Taylor moves to the Arthritis Foundation to make an impact for that organization, I proudly grasp the baton he has handed me to continue the race for Sjogren’s patients and the medical community. This, however, does mean that SjogrensLife changes.

SjogrensLife Changes as Janet Takes New Role!

If this is news to you, then you may be interested in reading the announcement made by the Foundation. Many of you know me as a patient advocate supporting the Foundation as a Board of Director member for 8 years and the Board Chair for the past three years, but some of you may have just stumbled on SjogrensLife to support you and your own disease journey. This appointment to me is a true gift and opportunity to have my work be my passion — to support Sjogren’s patients and make a difference in Sjogren’s Community.

The Foundation Vision statement and Mission are what will drive everything I do for patients:

Vision Statement

To create a community where patients, healthcare professionals and researchers come together to conquer the complexities of Sjögren’s.

Mission Statement is to:

  • Support Sjögren’s patients and their loved ones through education, resources and services
  • Provide credible resources and education for healthcare professionals  
  • Serve as the voice for all Sjögren’s patients through advocacy and awareness initiatives
  • Encourage and fund innovative research projects to better understand, diagnose and treat Sjögren’s

SjogrensLife Changes — Taking Down Product Pages

This version of Sjogrenslife was designed to give you the fastest tips and tricks on different areas, including product suggestions. As the CEO of the Foundation, I won’t have the time to ensure my product pages are kept up to date, and I want to ensure that patients do see all options that work for patients (not just ones that have worked for me and my personal preferences). To that end, I may be hiding the product pages on this site soon, and want you to have the time to make copies of the information. So please do review the product pages so you can keep this information. What I have already done is closed the Amazon affiliate tracking, so there is no compensation to me for the product listings.

The Foundation does keep product options up on their site! And do know that I will be watching this area to ensure you are kept abreast of new products that come on the market. The Foundation will always be your most trusted source of accurate information, resources, and quality products.

At this time, I am still considering how I will write to you all…whether via SjogrensLife or the Foundation blog (or both). So do stay tuned! You can be sure that I will write and speak somewhere soon!

Until then, I hope you are managing your Sjogren’s well and living the highest quality of life available to you!

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