I’m a big fan of the Sjogren’s Strong Podcast. This podcast is an upbeat show created and hosted by Lupe Castaneda (a Sjogren’s patient) and her husband Brian Colburn. Last October I was honored that they reached out to me to participate in a Sjogrens Strong podcast Interview.  As you know (since you are reading this blog), I do enjoy sharing personal experiences with our patient community in the hopes that I may say
(or write) something to help another patient. So I was happy to participate!

Sjogren’s Strong Podcast Interview

Lupe and Brian’s description of the podcast is:

“Sjogren’s Strong” is an informational podcast that will discuss all aspects of living with Sjogren’s and maintaining an active healthy lifestyle, “Sjogren’s Strong”.

They do a phenomenal job at producing a professional podcast and encouraging people to stay active! They have very strong interviews and present a light-hearted style and banter between them. It’s not only informative, but a lot of fun to listen and to chat with Brian and Lupe!

If you have not listened to the podcast before, I encourage you to head on over to Strong’s Strong and select your podcast player of choice from the top menu bar of their website. You can also read their posts on the site. If you are an Apple device owner (like I am) take a look at the library of interviews here.

I have embedded my interview with Lupe and Brian for easy listening. The interview focuses on one of my past tips from an older Moisture Seekers article and blog post: “No is a complete sentence”. Have a listen. But I do encourage you to listen to all of the podcasts that interest you. There are interviews with guests as well as great podcasts with Brian and Lupe discussing challenges that arise.

The information delivered on the podcasts is relatable and valuable. But my favorite part of my interview was getting to know Lupe and Brian! It’s wonderful to hear the loving and supportive relationship that they have. Brian also brings that supportive nature to the Sjogren’s Foundation by being a key host of the Foundations’ new Partner Support program.

If you think your partner might benefit from gaining support, have them look into the program and suggest they listen to some of the podcasts themselves. It’s a great way for them to get a different perspective on the diseases and some ideas on how other people manage the impact the disease can have on a relationship.


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