Getting outside and into nature is one of the best activities we can do for ourselves. We all know that there are real healing properties in nature whether you are taking a walk, going on a hike, or just sitting on a bench admiring the beauty. Nature is always there for us and it is our best resource for total wellbeing. Nature can touch our souls, minds, and bodies; it can give energy and it can calm energy. But nature never takes anything away from us.

When I am deep in nature with no cars or buildings around, I have an overwhelming sense of being completely connected to, well, everything. And I love that feeling. This connection is what I bring back home with me so I can recall it whenever I have a stressful day or feel ill.

Healing Properties of Nature in a Video

Today, this post is to offer you a little bit of nature. I’m not going to discuss the state of global warming, or review scientific studies on how nature impacts our wellbeing. I just want to share a beautiful video on YouTube that you can sit back, hit play, and enjoy the sounds and view. Visit this video (and others on YouTube) when you feel stressed, when you feel too ill to leave the house, or when the rain and cold weather is just too much. Sometimes, just a simple tool can help so much!

If you’d like to make this a mindful exercise, try to listen for five minutes and just soak it in, then pay attention to the current making rings in the water. Or, look at how the trees cast their shadow and consider the sun’s angle. How many shades of green do you see and how many birds can you hear chirping? Now, just relax into a meditative state looking and listening.

The video is by a nature photographer Johnnie Lawson. You can see more of his videos on YouTube and even be connected to specific videos from his YouTube channel.

As I’m in Seattle, and the rains have just started up, I know I will be visiting videos more often. Not that nature stops in the rain…but I’m not too fond of getting wet when I’m trying to soak in nature! That’s too much of a soak for me!

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