The Sjögren’s Foundation has produced a video series on Sjögren’s disease called Exploring Sjögren’s. If you have not seen the YouTube channel, Exploring Sjögren’s, you really must take a look! The channel is the brainchild of Steve Taylor, Sjögren’s Foundation CEO and Brad Lemack, a fellow patient, great guy, and artist’s agent. In other words, Brad knows a thing or two about making videos! This past Fall/Winter the planning and footage was shot and post-production followed. Take a look …

The first six videos are each dedicated to exploring Sjögren’s in a different way. For example, topics range from Clinical Trials to Pregnancy and Sjögren’s. I’m in a couple of them along with other patients and doctors. It’s a great mix of education and patient voices that can corroborate how we all feel every day.

Episode 1 is embedded below and is an introduction to Sjögren’s. This is a great video to share with friends and family to help them understand more about the disease. It is a professional and authoritative video source that presents the information clearly. It allows us, as patients, to save some emotional energy explaining our disease to friends and family! A really good first step to share with others.

Exploring Sjögren’s Channel can be found here. Be sure to view them all and share them on your own social. It’s a good way to learn and help spread the word about Sjögren’s Disease.

If you are seeking other way’s to have meaningful conversations about having an autoimmune disease, and why it’s so difficult to get help, you may want to read and share this blog post on the Rheumatic Disease Report Card in the USA!

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